Pemberton performing with country music legend Trace Adkins

Pemberton performing with country music legend Trace Adkins

Singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Pemberton Roach was raised in a Colonial-era stone farm house in Pennsylvania’s historic Brandywine Valley, with several formative years spent living on a dirt road in the Blue Ridge Mountains. As a result, from an early age he was surrounded by country music and bluegrass; genres that continue to inform his rootsy, All-American sound. 

After moving to New York City at age eighteen,  Pemberton established a career as an in-demand musician-for-hire, working with nearly 200 different artists playing everything from Broadway to death metal. After years of  performing around  world at venues ranging from hay wagons to soccer stadiums, he had collected  a head full of crazy stories and diverse musical experiences. Beginning with "Sad Thanksgiving In Cologne," his first single released under his own name, Pemberton draws upon this cornucopia of influences to create catchy, finely-crafted  songs that sound contemporary yet steeped in tradition.

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