Selected Discography With Other Artists

Echoes: Music From The Canyons

Various Artists

Bass (AIS Records)

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Selected Artists

A selected list of artists with which Pemberton has performed and/or recorded.

Alex McMurray (New Orleans R&B)
Andrew Sovine (country music; guitarist for Ashley McBryde)
Angus Clark (instrumental rock)
Anna Phoebe (instrumental rock from the violinist of Jethro Tull)
Annie Keating (country rock)
Ariel Aparicio (LGBT-themed rock)
Arlene's World Famous Live Rock & Roll Karaoke (live karaoke)
Audiosoul (progressive/adult pop)
Bardot (feat. Ariel Aparicio) (LGBT alternative rock)
BIG HIX (modern country music tribute band)
Bill Malchow (New Orleans R&B)
Blair Bodine (country/singer-wongwriter)
Blindswitch (power pop)
Blue Sandcastle (alternative rock)
Brent Shuttleworth (singer-songwriter/R&B)
Carla Rhodes (rock & roll ventriloquist and comedienne)
Casey Henry (country rock)
Charlie McCoy (country)
Chris Jagger (roots rock, Mick's brother)
Chris Taylor (alternative rock)
Chrysis Entertainment (wedding and corporate entertainment)
Cordelia Stephens (folk-rock)
Dale Toth (classic rock & country covers)
D'Haene (guitar rock)
D.L. Byron (power pop)
Daredevil Squadron (heavy metal featuring members of Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
David Nehls (musical theater)
David Roter Method (weirdo rock featuring members of Blue Oyster Cult & the Dictators)
Daytona (alternative rock)
Denny Blake (singer-songwriter)
Done Dirt Cheap (AC/DC tribute band)
Elizabeth Chan (holiday music)
Engines (indie rock)
Ernesto (Latin rock)
Gabe Skidmore (country-rock)
Girlfriend (pop/dance)
Granian/Kill the Alarm (alternative rock)
Half Loaded (country rock)
Hank Lane (wedding and corporate entertainment)
Hot Sh*t All Stars (Deep Purple Tribute Band)
Jacket Town (indie-pop)
Jason Rossi Band (roots rock)
Jayne Canyons Band (rock)
Jean-Paul Vest (singer-songwriter)
Jefferson Thomas (roots rock)
Jesse Galante (hard rock)
Jill Janus (heavy metal; lead vocalist of Huntress)
Jim Allen (singer-songwriter)
Jim Crawford (folk)
Jimmy Kunes Band (hard rock; vocalist of Humble Pie, Cactus, and Savoy Brown)
Joey Sykes & New English (power pop; guitarist of The Babys)
Karwreck (indie rock)
Katharine Blodget (singer-songwriter)
Katie Elevitch (jazz-rock)
Khabarta (experimental rock)
Last Charge of the Light Horse (alternative rock)
Lazy Lions (power pop)
Leslie Nuss (singer-songwriter)
Lin McEwan (pop R&B/singer-songwriter)
Lisa Matassa (contemporary country)
Lizzie & The Makers (blues rock) 
Luke Elliot (singer-songwriter/alt-rock)
Matthew Foster-Moore (singer-songwriter)
Manhattan Rob (blues)
Max Weinberg Band (rock/R&B)
Minnie Dee (retro-pop)
Moby (techno, pop)
Mommy (power pop)
Natalie Ulrich (singer-songwriter)
Neil Nathan (alternative rock)
Noelle Bean (pop)
Ortus Sol (classic rock covers)
Peanut 23 (indie rock)
Peter Shaw (heartland rock)
Pete Sinjin (singer-songwriter/family music)
Philistines Jr. (indie rock)
Rainsford Qualley (singer-songwriter)
Rawles Balls (comedic rock)
Ray Greiche Band (classic rock and pop covers)
Red Lightning (rockabilly)
Rubix Kube (80's tribute band)
Satanicide (metal)
Scout (alternative rock)
Sean Austin (alternative pop)
Sima (pop)
Smith Island Asylum (multi-media rock opera)
Song Division (musical corporate team building and cruise ship entertainment)
Sputnik (indie pop)
Starlight Orchestra (wedding and corporate entertainment)
Sugar Syndicate (indie pop)
Supple (alternative rock)
Sweet Potato Pie (country rock)
Tara Priya (R&B)
The Brandywine Creek Boys (classic country music cover band)
The Copperheads (classic rock cover band)
The Groove Hogs (jangle rock/jam band)
The Hazzards (musical comedy)
The Savants (acoustic folk-rock)
The Taters (punk)
Thumper (indie rock)
Tito Ortiz (roots rock and Latin pop)
Todd Baker (rock singer-songwriter)
Trace Adkins (country music) 
Trouble Club (power pop)
Victoria Herrmann (alternative rock)
Ward White (singer-songwriter)
Womoto (alternative hip-hop)
Wunderband (power pop)